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Giving Tuesday 2015

December 1, 2015 by Randall Craig

Many of us can agree that technology improves our day-to-day lives: it helps increase efficiency, keeps us informed, and allows us to stay connected. But, how many of us can say with confidence that we leverage our digital presence to have a positive impact on our community?

Today, in honour of Giving Tuesday, we’d like to highlight a number of 108 clients whose work cuts through the digital noise and makes a meaningful contribution to their environment. In a variety of unique ways, each one of these organizations helps improve quality of life, communication, and connectivity in their communities.

108 ideaspace is very proud to partner with each of these incredible organizations:


Ecofest is a 1-day festival designed to raise awareness about environmental issues. Organized and funded by the Peel District School Board, the festival celebrates students’ achievements in the environmental field and is accessible to all students – locally in and internationally.

Giving Tuesday108 ideaspace’s contribution:

Designed from scratch, the brand, website, and collateral (banners, posters, tickets) were created with a fun and eco feel. The images have a ‘craft-like’ and simple aesthetic, incorporating accessible wildlife and nature themes. The doodle style background brings in an element of weekend daydreaming that reflects the community Ecofest serves.

Youth Without Shelter

Youth Without Shelter (YWS) is an emergency shelter for homeless youth ages 16-24 in Toronto. Committed to diverse client-focused services in a safe and non-judgmental environment, YWS offers services including the Steps to Success Program, Employment Program, Housing Program and the Stay in School Program to meet their community needs.

108 ideaspace’s contribution:Giving Tuesday

108 ideaspace created an annual report to help showcase YWS’s accomplishments. Communication with their stakeholders was their primary focus in this project. This was achieved through the use of black and white photography of youth of all ages. The photos are direct, but not aggressive as each young person peers out at the reader – connecting with the viewer.

Strategic callout boxes draw attention to landmark achievements without distracting from the overall report.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Canadians between the ages of 10 and 24. The stigma associated with the topic of teen suicide makes information difficult to come by, and often not trusted. encourages community responsibility for intervening in and preventing youth suicide, by focusing on mental health promotion.

108 ideaspace’s contribution:Giving Tuesday

108 ideaspace was honoured to work in partnership with the Council on Adolescent Suicide Prevention in Peel to build the website.  We developed a bold, in-your-face site that speaks to teens in their language with one key goal: prevent teen suicide through education and connection to partner agencies.

Starting with interviews, student artwork, and focus groups, we came up with the name, designed and developed the site, put together print collateral, and worked on the launch roll-out and strategy. The site is ‘unstructured’ with overlapped images, textures, angles, and uneven edges. The colour palette contains darker tones and feels more serious. Font styles are reminiscent of scribbles and graffiti to give a sense of youth rebellion and non-corporate attitude. The result is a contemporary and industrial feel that teens feel comfortable with and relate to. Teen focus groups were used to provide feedback on design and content with overwhelmingly positive results.

Original artwork complements the text and is used throughout the site. A school project sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Peel District School Board was given to local high school students. Students created work that illustrated support, hope, and help. Used with the students’ permission, these pieces create personal and understanding imagery. is timelessly ‘cool’ without capitalizing on trends that would easily date the site and impact its function of relating to teens.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, get help now.

Lean In Canada

Lean In Canada is a community of professional women empowering each other to build purposeful and fulfilling careers. Since 2013, the organization has grown from an audience of 20 people to over 2000 members in various professions. Lean In has built an organization of strong, professional women who are passionate about driving their careers forward to the next level and beyond, and who want to achieve greater success not only in work, but in life as a whole.

108 ideaspace’s contribution:Giving Tuesday

In collaboration with the Lean In Canada leadership team, 108 ideaspace designed and executed a corporate website that at once meets the needs of the organization and embodies the dynamism and innovation of Lean In Canada and its members.

The website weaves the colour red throughout its pages and menus. This vivacious, powerful colour expresses the identity of Lean In Canada and the empowerment its programming and events encourages in Canadian women.


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