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Persona Grata

July 11, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

When you are doing a major presentation, writing a blog, or posting on Twitter, how do you know whether what you say is hitting the mark? And how can you improve the effectiveness of your message? One of the more clever techniques that marketers use for this purpose – and you can too – is […] Read More

Protecting Your Digital Cargo

June 30, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

Every organization owns intellectual property: in fact, this recorded knowledge is often key evidence of expertise, capability, and fit. So if it is that valuable, how do you protect it from being stolen? Before answering that question, it is useful to distinguish between content that you want to be widely distributed, and content that is […] Read More

Zoom Lens

June 21, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

How do you solve problems? One way to do so is to use a zoom lens. If you’re like most people, at one time or another you’ve played around with a zoom lens. When you zoom out as much as you can, you see just about everything: you have an overview. Zoom in a bit, […] Read More

Big Data and Lead Scores

June 9, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

Often times, the greatest insights happen at the intersection of two areas, and this is certainly true of the intersection between marketing and business development. Typically, what lives here are leads. Read More

Tools of the Trade

June 2, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

If you are reading this and profess to have some expertise in Social Media, then you may be offended by my next comment: it soon won’t matter, and your “expertise” is fast becoming irrelevant. Your long term career is in jeopardy, and your short term prospects are also questionable. Read More

The New Social Journalism

May 26, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

In the 1930s, there were two primary news sources: radio and the newspaper. They sent their correspondents around the world to gather news. These journalists would see and hear, verify and corroborate, investigate, and then expertly and objectively file their reports. The reader (or listener) would know that an editor provided oversight, and the publication (or radio station) stood behind the report.
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Social Relevance: Amplifying Your Message

May 19, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

No one cares about you – they care about how you can solve their problems. Write for your readers.

These two expressions epitomize the most important marketing (and social media) concept: relevance. How often have you seen a post, picture, tweet, or comment that adds zero value? Or where the signal-to-noise ratio is, well, noisy? Read More

Doing What You’re “Built” For

May 12, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

Why are some things easier to do, and others so hard? Yes, knowledge is important – but this can be improved through training. Yes, attitude is crucial: if you don’t enjoy doing something, there is little intrinsic incentive for doing a great job. And since attitude is infectious, your attitude will impact those around you. But putting knowledge and attitude aside, is there another factor that determines performance?
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How to Compete with Free

May 5, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

Are you involved in your professional association? Or do you run one – either as a director, staff, or volunteer?

If so, you’re probably concerned with one aspect of Social Media: How do you compete with free? (Or perhaps, you’re concerned with a more existential question: Does social media make associations irrelevant?)
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When Market Research is inadequate… or ill-advised

April 27, 2016 by 108 Ideaspace

Yes, we do market research. In fact, each year we (108 ideaspace and Bramm Research) have done industry benchmarking and best practices research in the area of Social Media. So it might be surprising to read a post about when – and why – market research should not be done. Read More