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September 2015

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108 webinar
Planning for an Intranet

Intranets have changed significantly since 1995, the date we
launched our first large-scale intranet for clients. Consider the impact of
mobile, process improvement, self-serve HR, eLearning, data retention
requirements, and new technology. And on top of this, the drive for increased
collaboration using internal “social media”. Join us on
September 16, 2015 at noon (ET) for our no-cost Planning for
an Intranet webinar.
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[Checklist] Creating a Viral Video

[Checklist] Creating a Viral Video   

You’ve created your
own YouTube masterpiece, and after three weeks, it has 137 views. While the
number is gratifying, if you’re like many first-time content producers,
you are probably wondering how to improve the viewership […] Read More

Six Social
Media Insights

Six Social Media

If you are ahead of the
curve in your social media and web strategy, you know there is no magic bullet:
your days are spent making minor changes to improve SEO, more minor changes to
improve on-page conversion, and a-b testing to improve email response rates.
Once each year, however, it makes sense to rise above the weeds […] Read More

Leverage: Curating Your Profile

LinkedIn Leverage: Curating Your Profile

Are you befuddled whenever a new
“feature” gets added to your favorite Social Media site? Or are you
excited about the possibility that the new feature may unlock for you? The
Endorsement feature of LinkedIn holds fascinating possibilities, but unlike
every other part of your profile […] Read More

we’re speaking at

  • Aug 12 – Manitoba Public Insurance

  • Aug 19 – 108 Webinar: Community

  • Sept  8 – Felix Global

  • Sept 16 – 108 Webinar: Planning for an

  • Sept 17 – Multiview: Forget Social Media: 20
    reasons why you shouldn’t invest a penny in it

  • Sept 24 – CHF Canada Staff Retreat

  • Oct 20 – Western Sponsorship Congress

  • Oct 22 – Felix Global

  • Oct 22 – CPA Canada

  • Oct 28 – CSAE National Conference


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Where strategy, technology
and design intersect

in this issue

 – Webinar: Planning
for an Intranet

 – [Checklist] Creating a Viral Video

 – Six Social Media Insights

 – LinkedIn Leverage: Curating Your Profile




recent work
Crowe Soberman

We recently launched the Crowe Soberman, Crowe Mackay, and Crowe BGK websites

pstv – guest

On Professionally Speaking TV, we
interview some of the nation’s thought-leaders and explore their work in
greater detail.
Bob Coffey Interviewed
by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV   


Bob Coffey
 Former Vice Chair of
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