Thought Leadership

The 108 Past Issues


The one-o-eight is our monthly compilation of resources and thought leadership.

Delivering Killer Webinars, Lipstick on a Pig: Is this the new Social Media?, A Motivating Web Call to Action (September 2016)

Building a Collaborative Culture 2.0, Generating ROI: The Other 95%, Social Infrastructure, Social Media Manners Matter (August 2016)

Networking for Success, Risky Business: Identify Theft, Persona Grata, Zoom Lens (July 2016)

A Pro Speaker’s Guide to Presentations, Big Data and Lead Scores, Tools of the Trade, The New Social Journalism (June 2016)

Digital Prospecting for Professionals, Social Relevance: Amplifying Your Message, Doing What You’re Built For, How to Compete with Free (May 2016)

Implementing CRM, When Market Research is Inadequate… (or ill-advised), Social Media Strategy: To Buy or To Rent, Nurture-Marketing: No or “Not Yet (April 2016)

Social Media HR: From Risk Reduction to Recruitment, Investing in Expertise, Social Media Planning: Editorial Calendar, Encouraging Creative Time and Place (March 2016)

Journey Mapping, Touchpoints and Improving Engagement, Online Customer Service- 15 elements for creating great videos (Part 2), 15 elements for creating great videos (Part 1) (February 2016)

The 20 Elements of Digital Transformation, Setting Yourself Up For ROI, Safeguarding Your Digital Content, 5 Social Media Resolutions for 2016 (January 2016)

Safeguarding Your Digital Content, How Can An Association Compete With Free?, 8 Great Social Media Reads for 8 Nights of Hanukkah (December 2015)

Search Engine Marketing and PPC advertising strategy, Social Media Credibility, Online ‘Multi-Snacking’, A Synergistic Blogging Strategy (November 2015) 

Becoming an Online Sleuth, Working The Web, Preventing Plagiarism, R.I.P., Email (October 2015)

Planning for an Intranet, [Checklist] Creating a Viral Video, Six Social Media Insights, LinkedIn Leverage: Curating Your Profile (September 2015)

Driving Success, Offline Networking -Switching to ‘Airline Mode’, Stimulating Social (Media) Productivity (August 2015)

Assessing the Social Media Conversation, 24 Branded Content Suggestions, 8 Video Strategies That Work (July 2015)

Money Now, Money Later, or Money Never, Cultivating Credibility: Trust Takes Time, Our Indelible Digital History (June 2015)

Outpacing the Competition, Content Pricing: Free or Fee?, Social Media Checks and Balances (May 2015)

Creating Space for Creativity, Keeping Your Blog Relevant, You’re on Camera!, 108 was a finalist at the Redgees! (April 2015) 

Time for a Twitter Wall?, A Motivating Web Call to Action, Powerful Posts or Contrived Conversations, Social Strategies (February 2015)

LinkedIn Groups: to join or not, Real World or Digital, Stealing Ideas and Social Media, Avoiding costly web development corner cutting (January 2015)


Profitable non-profts, Social capability, Objectivity or the Information Bubble, Content Countdown (December 2014)

LinkedIn for Leaders, Social Infrastructure, & more (November 2014)

Looking for Growth, Risky Business, Landing Pages, When Sharing is not a Good Idea (October 2014) 

16 Blog Topic Ideas, Repurpose or Repeat?, Selling Products using Social Media, Leaving the Market Behind (September 2014) 

Reach out and Touch, Choosing your Focus, Is Social Networking Supposed to Sell?, Twitter Strategy Updates (July 2014)

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), Are Resumes Dead?, Viral Video Checklist, Web Design for School Board (June 2014)

Social Media Carrot and Stick, Social Customer Service Strategy, Social Media Tick Box, Crowdsourcing (May 2014)

Tools of the Trade, LinkedInvestment: Eight Ways to Improve Your Social Media ROI, Social Effectiveness: Not About Me, Marketing Insight: Five Principles of Web Usability (April 2014)

Back to Basics: Social Media, Marketing Insight: From Landing Pages to Microsites, Insight Omni-Channel (March 2014)

Attraction and Conversion, eBook Lawsuit?, Your Daily Social Media Routines (February 2014)

Information Thief, The Case Against Facebook, Real Connections, New Year, New 108 ideaspace Website (January 2014)


Online Customer Service, Can You Ever Have Too Many Friends? (Yes), CRM Strategy Workbook (December 2013)

Just in Time, Will Your Website Last the Year?, 7 Tips to Make Your Blog Post Stick, Multi-snacking (November 2013)

Not Just Marketing, 15 Web Trends You Cannot Ignore, Is Typography Helping of Hurting Your Brand?, Social Attention Span (October 2013)

Three Marketing Models, Social Media Week Toronto 2013, Avoiding the Spam Trap: For Users and Organizations (September 2013)

Gutless and Spineless …, Social Media Crash Landing, 10 Tips to Protect Your Privacy on the Web, Tech note: SEO-DIY (August 2013)

Responsive Design: Developing for a Mobile and Tablet World, When Users Defect, Viewpoint: Does Free Always Mean Free? Graphic Design: 5 Tips for a Successful Project (July 2013)

Scenario Planning: Social Responsibility, Membership Sites: Sales and Marketing by Teaching, Red Heels and Branding … Find the Right Fit, 17 Ways to Great Social Engagement (June 2013) 

Static to Social: A Website Transformation, Perfecting the Brand Experience, Improving Web ROI, Growth Hacking Hype (May 2013)