Marketing Automation and CRM

We help our clients embed best practices so they can focus on developing stronger relationships.  And we help our clients surface value in their data to more effectively connect, develop a community of interest, and grow.

Most organizations manage their relationships using 1980′s style mailing lists. However, since each contact and prospect is an individual, “mailing lists” do not allow these individuals to be tagged with demographic attributes, professional interests, and other data. Nor is there support for marketing automation, integrated campaigns  (phone, postal mail, email, to-do lists, etc.), or event registration. And there is no support for sales “funnel” management, relationship reporting, or the development of a community of interest.  A cloud-based CRM and Marketing Automation strategy can do these things and more: lead scoring, auto-segmentation of target marketing efforts, and more.

108 ideaspace is an partner with many of the leading edge Marketing Automation and CRM vendors, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Marketo, and others.

We can help:

  • Find the right solution
  • Embed business process and rules into the system – or help change your business process to embed best practices
  • Integrate your CRM and Marketing Automation processes with Social Media, the web, and email systems.
  • Data analysis, Reporting, and Campaign development
  • Training and ongoing support

Interested in more? Ask about our Blueprint process, or for a copy of our ebook on Digital Transformation.