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Socializing the HR Cycle

Too often, social tools are relegated to sales and marketing, but they shouldn’t be: HR is central to an organization’s number one resource, its people.

This whitepaper provides specific recommendations on where, and how, HR should use Social Media throughout the HR cycle. And for leaders, it provides a strong justification why Social Media should be viewed – and managed – by a cross-functional team.

Socializing the HR Cycle

Social Media Best Practices for HR Professionals

By Randall M. Craig

Too often, social media is considered only in the context of marketing and sales. The key drivers of the organization – people – are forgotten. How can an association use social media throughout the HR cycle: recruitment, dismissal, orientation/on-boarding, engagement, and keeping connected to former staff as “alumni”? (While the action items may differ slightly, volunteers go through essentially the same process.)


The typical recruiting sequence includes sourcing, selection, reference checks and making the offer. The first three lend themselves well to social media.

1) Candidate sourcing is the process of collecting prospect names. Here are some ideas:

  • Post the job on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, in order to take advantage of referrals from connections. Candidates do search LinkedIn directly for postings, and hidden candidates often come forward.
  • Ask your employees (and volunteers) to “like” the job posting, or to set their status to link to your posting.
  • Tweet about the posting, then ask your staff to retweet.

The general idea is that by using social media, candidate sourcing and some of the selection process itself can be shortened – and the quality of candidates, increased. Often, the best candidates are those who come through referral, both in the real world and online.

2) Candidate selection involves reviewing the resumes, creating a shortlist, and doing the interviews to select the winning candidate.

Depending on the size and sophistication of your organization, you may be using an applicant tracking system to…

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Socializing the HR Cycle