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Online PR & Social Media for Experts, 5th ed.

You probably have a web site, blog, LinkedIn profile, and maybe even a Twitter account.  But is all of this giving you exposure?  Are you being called by media?  And how are you doing in your search engine rankings? Social Media is either a complete waste of time… or the most important plank of your […] read more

Online PR & Social Media for Associations

Associations and Not-for-Profits are different. The need to keep multiple stakeholders engaged. Limited resources. And a (partly) volunteer workforce. Social Media seems like a great solution, so you are likely already using it.  Your organization has a web site, may have a blog, and maybe even a Twitter account. But is all of this giving you exposure? Has it […] read more

Social Media for Business

101 ways to grow your business without wasting your time This book provides specific strategies and tactics that focus on building business – without wasting your time. In addition to marketing and PR, it addresses recruiting, risk management, cost, ROI, and other key business issues. Managers will learn how to save time and develop a […] read more

Personal Balance Sheet

Forty years, 10,000 days, 80,000 hours.  Measure it any way you like, but this is about the length of a typical career. With so much life spent working, why not spend some time planning your career in an organized, strategic manner? Are you a bit fuzzy on your career goals? Is your work-life balance not […] read more

National Social Media Benchmarking Survey for Associations

CSAE Social Media Benchmarking and Best Practices Associations and Not-for-profits make up – and touch – a large segment of our economy. Yet never before was there comprehensive benchmarking and best practices research on Social Media in the sector. During the last quarter of 2011, 2012, and again in 2013 – our team (including Gerald […] read more

The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business

Whether it is a full-time online business or just selling items on the side, The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business is designed for the budding online entrepreneur – no matter what their experience level. Determining what kind of business to create Developing a smart business plan and online presence Transitioning from brick and […] read more