Driving the Membership Journey

Members – and prospective members – go through a journey from awareness to engagement.  This is equally true for the journey of becoming a member, attending an event, or deciding to volunteer on a committee.  One of the key roles for leadership (and the board) is to examine how that journey can be helped along – […] Read More

You’re on Camera!

From making your video “viral” (an almost impossibility) to the basics of using video in a content marketing/inbound marketing context, we are no longer in an age of experimentation. This whitepaper provides practical advice that can make it easier to produce, distribute, and leverage your investment in video. It debunks some of the myths and […] Read More

Social CRM

The best business development processes rely on relationships – something that Social Media is supposedly best at developing. Yet there is a yawning gap between the use of Social Media to develop community, and the “somehow” development of the one-to-one relationship required to close the sale. In this whitepaper, we examine a key bridging technology […] Read More

Viral Marketing

Traditional marketers have always defined their approach by the Four P’s: People, Place, Price, and Product. Viral Marketing (VM), on the other hand, is the family of marketing techniques that make it easy – or automatic – for existing clients to refer new prospects. Notes from the field: Viral Marketing: The Buzz on Buzz On […] Read More

Socializing the HR Cycle

Too often, social tools are relegated to sales and marketing, but they shouldn’t be: HR is central to an organization’s number one resource, its people. This whitepaper provides specific recommendations on where, and how, HR should use Social Media throughout the HR cycle. And for leaders, it provides a strong justification why Social Media should […] Read More

A Practical Guide to Advisory Boards

While working with private companies (of all sizes) it has become clear that many don’t have proper governance/support structures for their CEOs. Growing an organization profitably is a challenge at the best of times. For private companies, setting up an Advisory Board both formalizes the planning process and provides the benefits of review and accountability. […] Read More

Social Media for Event Planners

This concise paper outlines a strategy and provides specific details on how to leverage Social Media to plan and execute events. (And to fill seats.) Ideas are provided for planning, promoting, during, and post-event.   Social Media for Event Planners Filling the seats and delivering value without wasting your time By Randall M. Craig Today’s […] Read More

Social Advocacy

Social Media is a powerful force that redefines influence and opens the door to new relationship pathways.  And for the first time ever, organizations – and individuals – can use these new tools both to influence public opinion… or wield a scary new weapon. Social Advocacy Using the Social Web to influence policy and make […] Read More