Engage your Stakeholders

If Social Media has taught anything, it is that people prefer engagement to “broadcast” – yet most strategies ignore this crucial piece.  A few examples:

  • Prospects are talking on LinkedIn about your products and services, yet your organization is not part of the conversation.
  • Regulators, legislators, and others are being influenced by Social Media conversations, yet your Social Media strategy is driven by marketing and sales.
  • Employees are not fully engaged, often due to poor management, but also because there are no appropriate tools to encourage internal collaboration and engagement.
  • Client issues are not addressed on Twitter or Facebook, because there is no resourcing for Social Media-based customer service.

Engaging your stakeholders promotes alignment, marketing and sales, internal productivity, and employee retention. 108 ideaspace can help in the following ways:

  • Market research to identify the requirements (and challenges) of specific stakeholder groups
  • STRATA facilitation to translate these requirements to actionable tasks
  • Social Media Strategy and implementation, to provide the venues and ground rules for the conversation
  • Personal Balance Sheet, to improve employee engagement by helping them take personal responsibility for their goals.


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