Rescue a Project

A runaway development project with unending scope creep. Great functionality, but the app looks terrible and will likely be ridiculed (or rejected) by users. A developer who has abandoned the project. Sound familiar?

Unsure how to manage the mess left behind? We are aware of the intense desire to recover what was lost – and we can help. We have worked with a number of organizations to put their projects back on track. We can also provide an independent assessment of project progress – and project risk.

Our process:

1) Assessment: from project review to code review, we help you understand what might be possible to rescue, and the degree of effort required to put the project back on an even keel.

2) Low-hanging fruit: sometimes some “quick wins” can help satisfy management (or user communities) that progress is being made.

3) Reassess scope: For projects that are seriously in crisis, we will work with management to re-scope the delivered functionality: by phasing delivery we can deliver at least some functionality earlier. (We also have found that with overly long development projects, underlying needs often shift.)

4) Interface changes: often problems are caused by poor user interface choices. Depending on need, we may revise the interface, and do basic usability testing.

5) Transparent project management process: we will report weekly on progress, both to build trust and keep all parties up-to-date on development progress.

A failed project can range from disappointing to damaging – but it can be put on track. Contact us to discuss how we can help.