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Six factors that are changing how organizations compete – and survive. When was the last time you looked at your Digital strategy?

  1. The impact of the Social Web: web sites are being built on social platforms that reach far beyond – and connect intimately with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other public social channels. Engagement is in; ebrochures are out.
  2. Data is valuable: New terminology (and technology) now powers much of the new web: Marketing automation, lead generation and scoring, tagging, and ROI.  CRM is not just for salespeople: it integrates with the web and connects management to their data.
  3. Mobile: Smartphones and Tablets are fundamentally changing how people access the web: a static laptop-only site no longer cuts it. (Beyond mobile-optimized sites, Apps also provide an alternative engagement mechanism.)
  4. Cloud, Software as a service, and legacy integration: “There there is an app for that” has bred an expectation that data and functionality are available everywhere, at any time, and on any device.  At the same time, hybrid cloud technology and software as a service are now providing the capability to deliver, at lower cost.
  5. The demise of proprietary (closed) content management platforms: no longer is there vendor lock-in, or being hamstrung by limitations of an obscure technology. Over 20% of all new websites are built on WordPress.
  6. Video: Consumers have always enjoyed broadcast television. Now, higher bandwidth and lower production costs mean that video content can be easily delivered over the web.  Think new employee orientation, volunteer engagement, customer service, and just-in-time training.

We can extend and leverage your corporate strategy to take advantage of these changes.

At the core of our work is our methodologies – repeatable processes that have captured our experience since 1994 – and that can take your team through the web design and development process efficiently. How we can help:

  • inSite web effectiveness audit: An external assessment of where you stand and potential opportunities for change.
  • Web strategy: We will facilitate and create your organization’s web strategy.
  • Design update: We will “re-skin” your current site with updated branding. (See our design portfolio)
  • Site re-hosting: Using your existing design, we will move your site onto the WordPress platform. (More on development)
  • CRM implementation: We will replace your old “mailing list” program with a cloud-based CRM system.
  • Mobile site: We will create a mobile-friendly site, based on your existing content and technology.
  • App development: We will design and deploy an App that provides access to key content and functionality. (IOS and Android)
  • Complete web update: We will redesign your site with updated digital branding, using social technology, CRM, and mobile.

A few of our resources:

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