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  • Social Relevance: Amplifying Your Message

    No one cares about you – they care about how you can solve their problems. Write for your readers. These two expressions epitomize the most important marketing (and social media) concept: relevance. How often have you seen a post, picture, tweet, or comment that adds zero value? Or where the signal-to-noise ratio is, well, noisy?Read More

  • Doing What You’re “Built” For

    Why are some things easier to do, and others so hard? Yes, knowledge is important – but this can be improved through training. Yes, attitude is crucial: if you don’t enjoy doing something, there is little intrinsic incentive for doing a great job. And since attitude is infectious, your attitude will impact those around you. But putting knowledge and attitude aside, is there another factor that determines performance? Read More

  • How to Compete with Free

    Are you involved in your professional association? Or do you run one – either as a director, staff, or volunteer? If so, you’re probably concerned with one aspect of Social Media: How do you compete with free? (Or perhaps, you’re concerned with a more existential question: Does social media make associations irrelevant?) Read More

  • When Market Research is inadequate… or ill-advised

    Yes, we do market research. In fact, each year we (108 ideaspace and Bramm Research) have done industry benchmarking and best practices research in the area of Social Media. So it might be surprising to read a post about when – and why – market research should not be done.Read More

  • Social Media Strategy: To Buy or To Rent?

    What do houses, cars, and Social Media all have in common? For one thing, they all share a primary question: Buy or Rent. Buy a house, or look for a rental? Buy a car, or lease it? And should we rent our Social Media, or build our own?Read More

  • Nurture-Marketing: No or “Not Yet”

    Have you ever put in a proposal, or answered an enquiry about your products or services, and then waited patiently for their answer about the next step? While images of pulling petals off a daisy might come to mind (“He loves me, he loves me not”) the words that ultimate come back are either yes we want you, or no we don’t.Read More


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    Legal Marketing Association - Vancouver

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    Association of Municipalities of Ontario

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    CSAE Trillium Winter Summit

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    Queen's Conference on Business & Technology

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    Ontario Long Term Care Association

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    RGD Ontario

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    CHF Canada

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    CMC Thought Leadership Forum


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  • National Post  (November 2015)
  • CJOB Radio (Aug 2015)
  • Globe and Mail (June  2015)
  • SLAW (June 2015)
  • Scribe Magazine (May 2015)

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  • 2016

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    Our 2016 webinars are all about leveraging your digital investment to gain traction in the marketplace of ideas. Make the most of 2016 — register for our full-year webinar collection and start seeing changes! Learn more

  • June 7, 2016

    Digital Prospecting for Professionals

    While most professionals may have a social media profile, identifying, approaching and then building relationships with prospective clients in social media almost seems "unprofessional".  It isn't, and it shouldn't be. Learn more

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SEO Reference Sheet

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