About Us

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been helping associations, non-profits, and charitable organizations rethink the way they use technology and marketing. 

Why specialize?

We looked at the marketing landscape and realized that too many marketing companies only understood one thing – making sales. So they just didn’t “get it” when it comes to organizations that exist to further a greater good. 

Being passionate about helping our own communities and those around the world, we decided to use our collective experience, expertise, and knowledge to help these unique organizations grow and thrive. 

25 years and counting

We’ve assisted countless organizations bring their systems and marketing into the 21st century. It is a privilege to serve those who serve others. 


Built on trust in our abilities and our ethics, our clients have grown accustomed to stellar work, delivered on time and on budget. Our values are transparency, honesty, innovation, and collaboration in all we do. Our team works and plays well with others!

Ashish Malik, CEO
Despina Zanganas, Creative Director
Randall Craig, Senior Advisor

Here are some of the organizations we’ve served: