Digital Transformation Strategy

Bring your organization up to modern standards with easy-to-use systems that work together.

Digital Transformation helps your organization switch to modern systems that work seamlessly together – So all the parts of your organization work together like a well-oiled machine.

So many non-profits and organizations struggle through operating with disjointed, out-of-date systems that create loads of redundant work. We help you modernize your systems with software that works together seamlessly, saving you time, money and headaches, all while providing better service to your members.

Digital Transformation Strategy

It starts with a deep dive into how your organization works. We want to know what your goals are, who you serve, and how you’re currently operating. 

Then, we analyze the 6 factors that affect how your organization can compete and survive in today’s market, making recommendations for improvement and implementing those changes in a way that makes sense to your organization: 

  1. Systems Integration – Too many systems that don’t talk to each other is like trying to conduct business in a crowded restaurant – you have to repeat yourself over and over! We’ll help you find systems that take care of all your critical needs while working together seamlessly, for fewer errors and greater peace of mind. 
  2. CRM – Mailing lists and disconnected systems are costing you time, money, and members. We’ll help you find the right CRM for your needs, set it up, and teach you how to use it. 
  3. Mobile-friendly website – 60% of all internet searches now occur from a mobile device. We’ll make sure your website looks great on any size screen, helping you reach your customers at home, in the car, on the subway, wherever! 
  4. Social Media – E-brochures are out. Engaging with your members on social media is in. We’ll set up and/or optimize your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social channels so you can connect with your audience where they hang out – online.
  5. App development – Consumers expect legitimate organizations to have an app these days. We can create an app for you that makes it stunningly simple for members to engage with your organization.
  6. Video – It’s easier than ever to dazzle your members with video. We’ll help you imagine, produce, and disseminate your video content to the right channels. 

Benefits of a Digital Transformation

Ask any carpenter – the right tools make the job easier and the end result better. When you modernize the way you do business with a digital transformation, you’ll enjoy: 

  • Greater efficiency in all things 
  • More modern “look” to appeal to younger members 
  • Increased engagement with members 
  • Optimized value to existing members 
  • Easier recruitment of new members 
  • Improved cross-selling
  • Greater member retention 
  • Increased productivity within your organization
  • Fewer human errors 

Our Clients Speak

Our Approach to Digital Transformation

SAFE Digital Transformation Framework.

Strategize & Analyze

Digital transformation projects can’t go forward without proper planning and prioritization. 108 offers three different levels of engagement depending on the size and budget of the organization.

Formulate & Execute

We realize that the day-to-day operations of the business do not stop during the project. That’s why, we follow a proven project management process that is guaranteed to deliver excellence every single time.

Enhance & Embrace​

We want all our clients to be successful. So, we stand by you every step of the way and provide continued assistance and support to the different functions within the organization, so you not lose the momentum.