Cloud-based Solutions for your non-profit organization

A sound digital solution is a combination of flawless strategy,
great design and technology execution.
Get 360 view of your prospects, clients and members
Get a 360° view of your donors, members, and clients

A clear picture helps you serve and market better

Optimize programming with automation

Eliminate tedious tasks and human errors

Reduce security risks

Keep your data safe in a dangerous cyberworld

Breaks organizational silos and improve collaboration

When everything works together, everything works

Improve ROI of your technology investment

Squeeze maximum value out of every dollar spent

Reduce marketing & IT costs

Unravel the rat's nest of wasted time and money

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108 ideaspace offers an optimal balance of certified consultants, project managers, designers, developers and testers.

Digital Governance

In the olden days, “digital” meant getting a computer on your desk, and learning how to use newfangled spreadsheets or word processing programs. At some point later, “digital” meant email.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Centralize touch points and get a 360° view of how members interact with your organization.

Our Approach to Digital Transformation

SAFE Digital Transformation Framework.

& Analyze

Identify goals and objectives, evaluate current processes and develop a comprehensive digital strategy. Identify challenges and opportunities and define a balanced approach to execution.

& execute

Implement and deliver on the digital transformation plan. Work closely with your staff to execute each step, ensure the architecture is scalable, extensible and the deliverables meet your unique needs.

& enhance

Support the adoption of the new digital processes, tools and make continuous improvement to deliver better results –  improved efficiencies, collaboration, fundraising, member value and capacity building.

Our Thinking