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Just in Time

October 28, 2013 by Randall Craig

What can the world of manufacturing teach us about Social Media, Marketing, and Stakeholder Engagement? On the face of it, not much, but look more closely, and there are two concepts that are surprisingly relevant: Continuous Improvement, and Just-in-Time. read more


October 17, 2013 by Randall Craig

When was the last time you ever gave anything (or anyone) your 100% complete, undivided attention? If you’re like most people – and you’re honest – it was probably a long, long, time ago. read more

Is Typography Helping or Hurting your Brand?

October 9, 2013 by Despina

Do you have any friends or colleagues who are graphic designers? If so, you must know that they are passionate about typography (the art and technique of arranging letters). read more

Not Just Marketing

October 4, 2013 by Randall Craig

Too often it is the marketers, advertisers, PR folks, and others involved in the sales process who “own” social media within an organization. This isn’t surprising, but it is unfortunate. read more