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Celebrating Talent – Celebrating with our Clients

April 29, 2015 by 108 Ideaspace

Last week, we were thrilled that work we did for our client, The Canadian Chiropractic Association, was recognized in the finals for the 2015 Canadian Regional Design Awards. The Redgee Awards recognizes homegrown Canadian talent from across the country. Applicants were judged by region and recognized for their work in a variety of categories including […] read more

Keeping Your Blog Relevant

April 17, 2015 by Randall Craig

How often do you read a blog post that was just not relevant?  Or from the blog writer’s perspective, how do you make sure that your content is relevant, makes a difference, and achieves its objectives?  At a high level, there are three key steps that need to take place: Define the audience.  Who are […] read more

Creating Space for Creativity

April 5, 2015 by Randall Craig

How can you be your most creative? Google the topic and you will find millions of pages with an answer. Some will say you are “born” with it.  Others will say it is a matter of following a process.  And others will claim it is a matter of using a secret sauce formula, which, when […] read more