Our Thinking

Creating Space for Creativity

How can you be your most creative?

Google the topic and you will find millions of pages with an answer.

Some will say you are “born” with it.  Others will say it is a matter of following a process.  And others will claim it is a matter of using a secret sauce formula, which, when applied, will help you create the new and the beautiful.

While all this may be true, there is one underlying expedient that can make a real difference to your creative output: change your perspective and creativity comes much easier.

Some ideas:

  • Do your creative “work” at a different time of day (Early AM or late at night?)
  • …In a different location (Starbucks, in a park, or in a boardroom?)
  • …With different people (By yourself, or in a group?)
  • …While doing a different activity (In the shower, or while you are jogging?)
  • …With different tools (Pen and paper, or by computer?)

This week’s action plan: Whether your creative outlet is with new ideas, the written word, pictures, speaking, or dance, this week, change it up. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Postscript: Where, when, and how are you at your most creative?  (About five years ago I discovered that I am at my most creative when I’m writing while sitting on the subway in the early morning. Who would have guessed?)