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Blogging: 17 Ways to Increase Engagement

March 29, 2017 by 108 Ideaspace

Receiving engagement on a blog post is not as simple as you may think. Yet how do you generate meaningful conversation, and receive, likes, comments and shares? Here are 17 ways to drive more users to your blog, and increase their engagement with it: Write great content.  If you write poorly, or have uninteresting, uninsightful […] read more

Three Fundamental Factors that Generate Engagement

March 3, 2017 by 108 Ideaspace

Organizations tend to invest heavily in tasks known to provide a high return on investment. In the same light, many organizations spend resources to foster engagement on social networks, frequently posting content that is relevant and valuable. They monitor their analytics to measure the effectiveness of their strategy.  The logic behind such social media plans is […] read more

Two Challenges Marketers Face

March 2, 2017 by 108 Ideaspace

Today, digital has eclipsed the traditional marketing channels. Traditional marketing practices still take place, however, the growth of technology (the internet, websites and social networks) has greatly altered the marketing landscape. These new digital channels are affective largely due to their social nature. In addition to the engagement that digital channels provide, there is one more difference between […] read more

Governance and Digital Transformation

March 1, 2017 by 108 Ideaspace

Digital encompasses the broad range of technologies from the web, to mobile, to marketing automation and CRM, to social media, and more.  It encompasses internal collaboration, external marketing, and client service.  It consumes a large and growing investment in technology, and plays a core role in marketing. And, digital also informs, engages, transacts, and transforms […] read more