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Three Fundamental Factors that Generate Engagement

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Organizations tend to invest heavily in tasks known to provide a high return on investment. In the same light, many organizations spend resources to foster engagement on social networks, frequently posting content that is relevant and valuable. They monitor their analytics to measure the effectiveness of their strategy.  The logic behind such social media plans is simple: Twice as many likes, comments, and shares will yield twice as much engagement. To generate this twice as much, we need to double the amount of content generated and double the community management effort.  While in order to be effective, we need to double the ad budget to drive people to the social venue in the first place.

However, at what cost can Twice as much generate Twice as much? Moreover, are there more sustainable ways to generate social buzz and engagement?

Here are three fundamental factors that can:

  1. The power of the internal network:  What strategy and initiatives are in place to empower employees to willingly spread the message and join the external conversation?  The larger your organization – and more passionate your employees – the greater the impact on engagement.
  2. The power of the external network:  What strategy and initiatives are in place to empower members, suppliers,  clients, and other other stakeholders to willingly spread the message and join the conversation?  If you  invest in helping them be more effective using the tools to achieve their objectives, they will be equipped – and more open – to using the tools to help you achieve yours.
  3. The power of marketing automation:  What strategy and initiatives are in place to use your “big data” to improve service quality,  improve responsiveness, and automate your follow-ups.  Marketing automation isn’t just about warming leads, and scaling follow-ups, but it can just as easily drive users to your social media venues.

Do you have any strategies to empower your employees, members or stakeholder’s in place? What initiatives can you take to improve service quality or responsiveness to your posts on social media?

This week, choose to upgrade either your internal network, external network, or your marketing automation system: start with the strategy, and then execute.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with investing in more content development and community management.  There is, however, something wrong with doing so without building a stronger, deeper connection with those already in your orbit.