The Case for Design

Knowing that there are a wide variety of tastes, technology, and users, we glean ideas from a wide variety of places; industrial, architectural, visual, not just graphic. Despina Zanganas, Creative Director at 108 ideaspace, defines web design as “the bridge between the user and the underlying content and technology.”

Whether simple or dynamically complex, the design reinforces the brand by making interaction with it more enjoyable – and certainly less frustrating.  It must inspire trust and recognition in a single glance.

The design contains elements within it that go beyond aesthetics. While line, shape, space, balance, and unity are all very important, there are more considerations with designing for brands.   “Ease of use is an incredibly important element here,” says Despina, “If it looks good, but is difficult to use, then the design is useless.”  Great design makes training easier and reduces on-going support costs.

Design can create mood, remove clutter from messaging, develop an interface, connect to a brand, help with understanding, and more. Design is the thread that holds everything together. Visit Our Work to see some of our design projects.  Or contact us directly to discuss what we can do with you.

“I love my website; 108 ideaspace captured exactly what I had visualized. I have received many positive comments/feedback from others. It’s exactly what I like to see in other websites: simple, inviting, and to the point capturing the essence of the company it is representing.”

Dora Boukouris of Nurturing You