Branding and logo

Become an instantly-recognizable beacon to your donors and members.

Branding is the process of creating imagery for your organization that communicates its message instantly.

Professional branding establishes your organization as an authority, helping you recruit and retain members and make a bigger impact in your sector. 

Modernize your image with powerful new branding

Your organization has grown and evolved over the years, and so should your branding. An out-of-date logo and branding send the message that your organization isn’t keeping pace with the times. And that turns away younger members, donors and volunteers. 

Working with you and your team, our branding experts distill the personality and mission of your organization into recognizable, eye-catching imagery, logos, icons, fonts, and more. 

Using psychological “tricks of the trade,” we’ll combine colour, imagery, iconography and more to express whatever emotion your organization strives to inspire – trust, hope, action, passion … the choice is yours! 

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