Digital Strategy

Strategic thinking is a skill that is more powerful if you have experience in execution – and time-proven methodology.  It’s central to everything we do and every client engagement.

We have worn the shoes of senior executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants: we focus on adding value through best-of-class process, intellectual depth, and creativity. We bring proven methodologies, best practices and a sharp intellectual approach to solving critical business problems.
With years of experience as executives in both marketing and technology, we are also comfortable developing strategy at the functional level.  And unlike other consultants, we can also roll up our sleeves and help execute.
We help land the strategy airplane, using strategy, technology, and design.

Randall is simply one of the brightest people I know. He is gifted in seeing things from both the 50,000 foot level and sea level at the same time, and snatching — seemingly from thin air — the one piece of the puzzle that will make the entire strategy work.
Michel Neray, Chief Differentiation Officer, The Essential Message

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