Virtual CIO for Associations

Serving as your organization’s Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis.

A Virtual CIO is an outside company that leads IT strategy and implementation.

Technology is the framework that keeps your organization running. As your Virtual CIO, our experts handle all the behind-the-scenes planning and operations so your organization can stop worrying about IT and focus on your members.  

Do more with a Virtual CIO

As a non-profit, association or educational institution, your main goal is to serve your members … not spend a fortune on your IT department. And yet, technology is at the heart of everything you do to communicate with members, run donation drives, accept dues, plan events, and more. 

How do you make sure your organization is up to speed technically without draining money from critical member services? By hiring on a Virtual CIO – Chief Information Officer – from 108 Ideaspace. 

What does a Virtual CIO do?

As your Virtual CIO, we’ll step in to make sure all your technological assets, programs, and IT team members are performing at their best so your organization can meet your goals. Sometimes, that means ongoing, daily support. Sometimes, it means jumping in to rescue a project. How we work with you as your Virtual CIO is designed based on what you need and your budget. 

Since 1994, we’ve served as Virtual CIO to hundreds of organizations that have struggled with many of the same challenges as your organization. We’re already ahead of the game in knowing which technologies are best for solving specific problems, and how to cut problems “off at the pass” before they even materialize. 

The ways we can help your organization as Virtual CIO are vast, but here are a few examples: 

  1. Keeping your organization in compliance with technological security regulations 
  2. Help identify current and future technology needs 
  3. Set strategic priorities for tech advancements 
  4. Manage day-to-day technical operations 
  5. Provide support for your internal IT team 
  6. And much more!


Interested in investing in a Virtual CIO?

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