Resources and Story Ideas for Journalists

Looking for story ideas? We would be happy to brainstorm possible topics with you, and perhaps flesh out a unique and interesting angle.
Here are a few thought-starters:

  • Want vs Need: Social Media for entrepreneurs without time.
  • Should CEO be tweeting?  (They do have a day job.)
  • Social Media job search: from being qualified to avoiding getting disqualified.
  • The latest and greatest social media sites, and whether they have an economic chance or not.
  • The future of the publishing industry (books, magazines, newspapers.) Hint: it’s not looking good.
  • Social Media and Web futures and trends – where is this all going, and what is the impact?
  • Marketing strategies for ____ businesses
  • What should companies put in their Social Media Policy?
  • Within Social Media, the boundaries between public and private, corporate and personal.
  • Time-wasting Social Media: Addiction or Connection?

More story ideas? 108 ideaspace’s Viewpoint articles discuss provocative ideas:

108 ideaspace’s Senior Advisor Randall Craig has written literally hundreds of Tipsheets, most between 3-5 short paragraphs in length. Each one is capable of being used in your column as a sidebar, with suitable attribution. (Many journalists and hosts have used these to spark more story ideas.)

Interested in brainstorming, or looking for a backgrounder on the latest Social Media or Web phenomenon? 108 ideaspace would be happy to spend a few minutes helping out, even when there isn’t a story or a deadline. Reach Ashish Malik directly at 416-256-7773 x102, or via email at ashish@108ideaspace.com.