Our Request for Consent: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I would like to provide you with my consent, but I am concerned about the legitimacy of this request for consent. How can I be reassured that this request came from you?
A:  We are sending out requests for consent from the domains 108ideaspace.com, randallcraig.com, and professionallyspeakingtv.com.  If you do not feel comfortable clicking on “Yes, I Agree” in the email, you may go directly to our webpage www.108ideaspace.com/consent to complete the consent form instead.
Q2: As a client, why am I receiving a request for consent when you already have implied consent to email me commercial electronic messages based on our existing business relationship?
A: The government has expressed that the goal of implied consent, including during the 3-year transition period, is to obtain express consent. We kindly ask that you take a few seconds to consider providing us with your express consent for our records.
Q3:  What kind of electronic messages will you send to me?
A:  Depending on how you set your preferences, we send out a variety of information; you can choose which to receive:

  • The Make It Happen Tipsheet:  Weekly action-oriented Tipsheets on translating strategy into action.
  • The 108:  A monthly compendium of thought leadership in the area of digital marketing: white papers, tips, articles, etc.
  • Invitations to 108 webinars, seminars and events for educational or networking purposes.
  • Special alerts about other activities and achievements of 108 ideaspace

Q4:  How often will I receive electronic messages from you?
A:  If you are currently receiving electronic messages from us, we don’t expect the frequency of will change. We are only interested in delivering information that is relevant, useful and timely.
Q5:  What happens if I click “Yes, I agree”?
A:  Clicking “Yes, I agree” is your consent to receive electronic messages from us.  We will make note of this, and send a confirmation email to you.
Q6:  If I click “Yes, I agree”, can I withdraw my consent later?
A:  Yes, you can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing us at [email protected], or by clicking on the link at the bottom of any of our emails.
Q7:  If I don’t click “Yes, I agree”, will I still receive electronic messages from you?
A:  In certain situations, you may receive commercial electronic messages from us where we are permitted by law to do so. It will depend on our relationship with you and the nature of the message.  (For example, if you purchased a book or online product, we will send you the transaction receipt.)
Q8: What happens if I click “Withdraw Consent”?
A: If you click “Withdraw Consent” you will be directed to your preference center page where you will have the opportunity to confirm the withdrawal of your consent for that email address.  Please keep in mind that our electronic messages include invitations to our events.
Q9:  How long will it take for my withdrawal of consent request to take effect?
A: It is our practice to effect unsubscribe requests ASAP, and we have put in place systems to immediately and automatically address this.  In the unlikely event you still receive a commercial electronic message from BLG after this time period, please contact us at [email protected] and we will rectify the situation as soon as possible.
Q10: If I am your client and withdraw my consent or unsubscribe, will I no longer receive electronic messages from you?
A:  Under CASL, we can still communicate with you via email on engagements and in response to any of your other requests or inquiries. However, we may otherwise be restricted in our ability to send you electronic messages, such as invitations to a 108 webinar, live events, etc.