We'd love to have you join us…

Thank you for applying for the position.  We are looking for people who have great attitude, intellectual strength, and are great communicators.
A key part of the recruitment process is our assessment of your communications skills, relationship-building skills, and analytical skills.  For your upcoming interview, we ask that you be prepared for the following:
1) Behavioural interview: just a great informal conversation about your experience, skills, career interests, and everything 108.  We evaluate as much by the questions you ask, as the questions you answer.
2) Sales presentation:  We will ask you to deliver a “sales presentation” to a prospective client (us).  Here’s the scenario:  you’ve met the Executive Director of a national association at a conference; the ED has accepted your invitation for lunch because they are interested in learning more about your capabilities.  This is your opportunity to share your knowledge about 108 ideaspace and “sell” them on us.  Your role:  the 108 Account Exec.  Our role: the prospective client.
3) Written submission.  We are looking to evaluate your thinking and writing skills.  Here’s the scenario: you’ve received the RFP below, and have decided to respond.  Per the RFP, (and prior to writing the proposal) you have the opportunity to send an email to the client asking questions.  Please do so, and then send this email to randall@108ideaspace.com, at least 24 hours before your scheduled interview.  For clarity, we are not asking you to write the proposal – only the questions.  (FYI, this very short RFP is a redacted version of one we’ve received – and won.)

Request for Proposal

We are planning the replacement of our existing public website. Within the scope of this project is delivering a new technology platform in an outsourced environment, and externally hosted solution.  The replacement of our global website is a deliverable from our recent Brand project.

Parallel to the actual development and delivery of the new website is the need for a web strategy.  This is the purpose of the Consultant’s responsibilities in this Statement of Work.


The Consultant will only have access to members of Central Services staff that are directly involved in the project.  The entire project including research, investigation, documentation, and presentation of web strategy should be completed within a four week period or less.  The Consultant will provide a website strategy to include Content, Functions, and key differentiators from our competitors.  An analysis of competitors should also be provided and measure these firms based on the web strategy components recommended by the Consultant.  These firms may include [list of 15 firms]:


The Consultant should provide web strategy recommendation in presentation and documented formats.  At a minimum, this includes a Benchmark Analysis, Strategy Document, Presentation, and Recommendations.


The Consultant should reply with the approach they would use to conduct this description of work, along with answers to the following questions on pricing:  How is pricing determined?  Fixed fee or hourly?  If hourly, please provide your standard hourly rate(s).  Is travel expected to effectively perform the development services?  If yes, are travel costs included in your fees?  What is included in the fee?  What is additional?


– Client representative sends RFP to Consultant(s):  11th of the month
Consultant returns Intent to Respond via e-mail:  13th of the month
Consultant sends any questions to client representative:  17th of the month (24 hours  before interview)
Client representative responds to questions: 19th of the month
Consultant sends completed RFP to client representative:  24th of the month
Client team evaluates RFP responses

Again, thank you for applying for the position – we look forward to meeting with you.