Successful engagements don't happen by accident.  Our methodologies and frameworks are built and refined from our experience on 150+ other assignments.


Most organizations have a clear strategy, but translating this into a specific action plan for each target audience is often forgotten. STRATA matches audience, message to specific tactics – it helps land the strategy airplane. Strategic Target Analysis (STRATA) is a facilitated methodology that typically is used for marketing, web, social media, or customer-service-oriented engagements.

Design Discovery

An organization only has one chance to make a great first impression, and the visual identity, logo, and website are usually how this happens. 108 ideaspace Design Discovery walks your team through a process that translates your real world brand into a relevant, stand-out identity.


The name of a product, company, division, or process is critical to its success, as the name represents the underlying brand. 108 ideaspace NAME is a structured brainstorming process that efficiently creates this name.


Usability testing for applications and web sites can mean the difference between commercial success and failure, yet most testing results never get properly documented, let alone addressed. 108 ideaspace IDENTIFY is used at the 60-80% completion stage. it identifies and captures real-world issues at a time when something might be done about it. IDENTIFY categorizes these issues, (errors, training, next version, data, etc), and then assigns them to a specific individual for action. IDENTIFY can be implemented using mostly internal resources.


Marketing Automation Process (MAP) configures existing sales and marketing processes to occur automatically while capturing leads, tagging and scoring prospects, tracking opportunities, and generating campaigns. MAP builds a customized marketing and sales life cycle that also provides an opportunity to improve existing processes and fill gaps.  MAP is most often used to support CRM implementation.

Project Risk Assessment

108 ideaspace Project Risk Evaluation Process (PREP) is a Project Review and risk management framework that is used to measure and evaluate project risk, using variables from that particular project to guide the analysis itself. PREP objectively reports the status to project sponsors, while identifying risks and risk mitigation tactics to project managers.


108 ideaspace Blueprint is a planning methodology that is used to translate a corporate strategic initiative into a specific tactical plan – and gain management buy-in during the process.

Integrated Marketing Planning Workshop

Most organizations don’t effectively integrate web and email-related marketing capabilities into their planning cycles. When there is an online component, it is often a tack-on campaign driven by external agencies. This in-house workshop empowers strong traditional marketers to develop integrated marketing plans internally. Deliverable for the workshop is a framework for (and the beginning of) an integrated marketing plan.