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10 Tech Tools Our Office Couldn’t Live Without

With fall in the air, we’re keeping the Thanksgiving vibe going all week, here at the 108 office. There are so many great apps and tools out there, the reasons to give thanks are virtually endless! In particular, we’re thankful for a few tools that help keep our team collaborating, innovating and knowledge sharing on a daily basis.

Here’s our top 10 list of tech tools we couldn’t live without:

1) Dropbox & Google Docs

Connectivity is the key to productivity. We use Dropbox to store, sync and share files, daily. Without it, we might still be emailing documents back and forth. Imagine that? Google Docs is another ‘must have’. Collaborating with clients and sharing content remotely has never been easier.

2) Skype

With half of the 108 team based in India, Skype is a godsend. Skype helps us take the ‘trouble’ out of troubleshooting thanks to its screen sharing function and online status indicators.

3) GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is our ‘go to’ for multi-user presentations. Be it internal or client facing, GoToMeeting provides a collaborative presentation space to help us bring our projects to life. Bonus tip: sessions can be recorded for reference!

4) Adobe Photoshop & InDesign

Our design team is always coming up with creative new ways to solve problems and exceed client expectations. To keep pace with an ever-evolving design environment, we make sure our team has the leading-edge tools they need to get the job done. Photoshop and InDesign are regular players in our planning and execution stages. Thank goodness for ‘command-Z’, though!

5) Adobe Premiere Pro

Like its Adobe counterparts, Premiere Pro is a tool we couldn’t work without. Known as an industry-leader in non-linear video editing, Premiere Pro enables us to create high-quality content for our audience.

6) InfusionSoft

Our team relies on InfusionSoft to help us organize, automate and grow. InfusionSoft provides contact management and tagging tools that allow us to harness that power of automation to build and transform relationships for our readers as well as our clients’. Not using marketing automation yet? Check out this tipsheet to see why you should be.

7) TeamWork

We believe that productivity is never an accident. This means that in order to get the most from our workdays, we need the right tools to help us manage our time! Teamwork helps us coordinate our team (locally and abroad) and keep track of tasks, deadlines and projects – big and small!

8) Evernote

We wish Evernote could organize our whole lives! Come to think of it, it probably could – but that’s a different post. Evernote’s integrated digital workspace provides us with a space to collect information, discuss it, and present it. Like the OS X handoff feature? You’ll love Evernote.

9) Colour Contrast Check (AODA compliance)

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) became law on June 13, 2005. Since then, our designers have been working to meet and exceed accessible design standards to suit all users. The Colour Contrast Check helps our design team test colour combinations and brightness to ensure that they pass the contrast ratio formula for compliance.

10) Tabstract

It’s easy to get caught up in meetings and deliverables. Tabstract gives us momentary pause to appreciate original artworks every time we open a new tab in the Chrome browser. The burst of colour is not only a welcome alternative to Google’s homepage but also helps us keep our creative juices flowing!

What apps couldn’t you work without? We’d love to hear your comments!