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16 Blog Topic Ideas

As an expert, writing a blog is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and perspective. It helps prospective clients (or employers) understand how you think, and how you can solve their problems. If you are a marketer, a blog begins to create a community around your products and services. Blogging is one of the most effective marketing activities that you can do – but it takes commitment.

For most people who decide to start a blog, one question eventually pops up: What should I write about? “Me” isn’t the correct answer, although it is a frequent one. Instead, consider these alternatives:

    • Summarize and link to a current news item.
    • Implications/analysis of a current news item.
    • Five tips to _____.
    • Ask your readers: what do you recommend for______?
    • Trends (or predictions) in your industry.
    • Ask your readers: what’s the biggest challenge you’re currently facing?
    • Write about an external resource on your subject.
    • Interview another expert.
    • Have a guest blogger write a post.
    • Top ten links on a subject.
    • Contrarian view: why a certain strategy is wrong.
    • “Op Ed”: Your opinion on a topical issue.
    • Post an excerpt from one of your white papers, or from your book, if you are an author.
    • Seasonal posts (back to school, holidays, etc).
    • Post a video about any of the above topics.
    • Compilation of “Best of” posts.

This week’s action plan:
If you haven’t started a blog, set a schedule (weekly is good), and then email yourself a post each week for a few months. If you can stick to it, then actually start the blog – you already have a backlog. If you do have a blog, how many different types of posts have you made? This week, try something different.

This post has been written by 108’s Senior Advisor and former CEO Randall Craig.