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3 Times to Avoid Social Media

Social Media is here.  It’s everywhere.  In fact, the absence of it sends a signal that the sponsoring organization is completely disconnected, un-hip, and behind the times.

Unfortunately, this zeal to include Social Media is often taken to the extreme.  There are numerous cases where “doing” Social Media makes no sense at all.  Three examples:

1) When the target audience is not using the platform.  After all, what is the goal of the effort in the first place – for the organization to have a conversation… with itself?  Nursing home residents are not as likely a target, although their families may be.

2) When there is no call to action – or when there isn’t even a social address provided. In the picture below, taken at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition, there are helpful Facebook and Twitter stickers on the doors to one of the major buildings – but zero indication about what the patron should do.


3) When it is physically impossible for users to act.  How often, for example have you noticed QR codes in places where there is no internet service – such as within an airline magazine.  Worse is the picture below – one of many examples of ads that appear in underground subways:


This week’s action plan:  While Social Media is indeed everywhere, it shouldn’t be.  This week, look for other examples of over-indulgence – starting with your own.