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ASAE 2023: Top 4 Trends and Insights

ASAE 2023 Annual meeting in Atlanta. August 05 - 08, 2023. Theme- Shape your Purpose. A colourful set of geometric shapes making a modern abstract mural

ASAE’s 2023 Annual Meeting revolved around the theme “Shape Your Purpose,” acknowledging the distinctive approach associations adopt when defining their individual and organizational purposes. The world of associations is a dynamic landscape, rich with challenges and opportunities that shape the journey of leadership. The 2023 ASAE Annual Meeting captured the essence of this journey, inviting association leaders to explore the depths of their challenges and embrace innovative solutions.

Understanding Members Through Data: The Power of AI

In the midst of a rapidly shifting landscape, member dynamics can often be elusive. The challenge lies in deciphering the subtle cues that guide their preferences. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes to the rescue, turning data into insights that lay the path to member-centric strategies. AI opens the doors to understanding trends that steer members’ movements, helping associations tailor their efforts with precision.

Are you truly aware of the trends your members are riding and their evolving needs? 
Complex processes need simple solutions: Avoiding Technology Debt

The weight of outdated technology systems can cast a shadow on growth aspirations. The challenge here is navigating the maze of technology debt, where legacy systems and massive tech stacks hinder progress. The solution comes in the form of flexible and extensible systems that wrap around the association’s unique processes instead of contorting your processes due to system incapabilities. These adaptive tools let associations shed the excess and embrace the specific, breathing life into streamlined processes and fostering growth.

Is your technology stack agile enough to grow alongside your association’s aspirations?
A Unified Staff/Member Journey: The Dynamic Duo of Website and AMS

Associations face the unique task of crafting journeys that engage members, both existing and potential, with equal impact. Here, the synergy between a robust website and a well-integrated Association Management System (AMS) takes centre stage. The challenge lies in weaving these elements into a seamless experience, where every click resonates with the association’s purpose.

Is your website just a page, or is it an experience that is seamless for members and immersive for prospects alike?
Technology’s Role in Collaboration: Breaking Data Silos

The challenge of siloed operations often dampens the collaborative spirit that associations thrive on. The solution unfurls through the collaborative prowess of technology. Platforms that share insights, data, and strategies across departments dissolve silos, giving rise to a unified front. Here, technology bridges the gaps, fostering a collective drive towards excellence.

Are your departments working as isolated islands or as a collaborative force driving the association’s mission?

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