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By Association: Branding and Marketing Strategies for Your Association

NXunite 108 ideaspace panel discussion

Is your association looking to improve its branding and marketing strategies in 2023? Join NXUnite for its panel discussion on March 9th, 2023, at 12:00 PM ET, “By Association: Branding and Marketing Strategies for Your Association.” 

The panelists, including Ashish Malik, CEO of 108 ideaspace will share their expertise on the role of marketing and branding in association strategy. Likewise, it discusses common marketing and branding mistakes associations make when crafting their marketing plans and the marketing trends of 2023 they should consider.

Whether you are on an association membership team or part of an association marketing team, this panel discussion is tailored for you. Learning about better branding and marketing could benefit anyone working in the association sector.

During the panel discussion, you will learn:

  1. The importance of branding and marketing in association strategy

  2. The latest marketing and branding trends that associations should consider for 2023

  3. Common mistakes associations make when creating marketing plans and how to avoid them

  4. Strategies for creating effective marketing plans that align with your association’s goals

  5. Insights and tips from industry experts, including Ashish Malik, CEO of 108 ideaspace

If you could not make it to the panel discussion, we have got you covered. Read about the strategies in our blog: How Technology Can Help Associations Overcome Branding and Marketing Challenges. Feel free to Contact us and share your goals.