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Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

One of the most important – and one of the newest – elements of a modern marketing strategy is Content Marketing.  The idea is that if your “content” is everywhere, then would-be clients would be easily attracted to you.

Unfortunately, many marketers miss a crucial aspect of this: that the content must be valuable in the eyes of the reader; it must be insightful, new, and demonstrate thought-leadership.  If it doesn’t do this, the reader won’t make the direct connection between the content, and your expertise.  And they certainly won’t be asking for help.

Thought-leadership is the fundamental underpinning of content marketing – but how does one develop it?
Some ideas:

  • Read outside your professional area of knowledge: magazines, history, science, academic journals, daily newspapers, blogs, and more.
  • Register for seminars and courses, take certifications, and learn from people who are experts in areas related to your own.  You can then connect the dots between this new knowledge and your area of expertise.
  • Take greater responsibility on the job, thereby enriching your practical knowledge, outside of your usual day-to-day.
  • Write.  Not only does this help synthesize your ideas, but it is the first step to gaining feedback from others.
  • Join a group that puts your ideas to the test, both through discussion and debate.

More than any of these ideas, however, is the importance of actually spending time thinking.  Becoming a thought-leader without giving yourself ample time to think is impossible.

This week’s action plan: Whether you aspire to thought-leadership or not, thinking time often gets squeezed away by urgent deadlines and other priorities.  This week, schedule time to think – at least five hours.  One hour each day is a very small investment for thought leadership… and to make better decisions.

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This post has been written by 108’s Senior Advisor and former CEO Randall Craig.