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Google Advises Users to Install Chrome Security Update

Google has advised its users to immediately install a security update in its Chrome browser to safeguard themselves against a serious bug being actively exploited by hackers. The company says that the update, which is available now, fixes a “zero-day” vulnerability that could allow attackers to take control of affected systems.

How should I protect my organization?

Google is urging all users of the Chrome browser, on both Windows and Mac, to update to the latest version (105.0.5195.125) as soon as possible. The company says that it is aware of the “active exploitation” of the flaw, which was discovered by Kaspersky Lab researchers on February 27.

We have limitations with sudden updates to the system.

Users are advised to install the update as soon as possible in order to protect themselves from potential attacks. For those who can’t do so right away, Google has also released a temporary fix that can be applied by going to chrome://flags/#disallow-csp-from-file in the Chrome address bar and enabling the “#disallow-csp-from-file” flag. This will stop Chrome from loading files from malicious sites until a full update can be installed (Google et al., 2022).

If you’re using the Chrome browser, it’s important to ensure that you have installed the latest security update in order to protect yourself from potential attacks. Google has advised all users of the browser, on both Windows and Mac, to update to the latest version (105.0.5195.125) as soon as possible due to the active exploitation of a serious bug (Google et al., 2022).

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