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New Year, New 108 ideaspace Website

Happy New Year! We are pleased to kick-off 2014 with a fresh new website for the new year. There has been so much change over the last two years, so we decided to update our site as a “reference” for our clients and friends:

  • AODA compliant
  • New anti-spam legislation
  • Responsive design
  • Modern interface
  • Thought leadership and inbound marketing
  • Improved security
  • and more …

Effective January 1, 2014, new legislation requires Ontario-based websites to be accessible for people with disabilities, and similar legislation is on the books in other jurisdictions. Our new website is “AODA-compliant” with new technology, design, and updated colour schemes—all without compromising the goals of the site itself.

New features include:

Responsive design:  The site is designed to work seamlessly on tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Try it out. Resize the window: notice how the menu changes, text blocks and graphics rearrange dynamically, etc?

New “Modern” interface:  The site has been completely re-worked, with simplified navigation, de-cluttered pages, more graphic look-and-feel, more approachable writing, and highly integrated Social and CRM “hooks”. A simple example:  Scroll through the site’s home page, and notice how the menu sticks to the top of the page.

Thought Leadership and “inbound marketing”:  To add value for the audience-and demonstrate experience- the site contains 100s of articles, whitepapers, events, books and research. A few examples:  Our whitepaper on Social CRM, an article on Omni-Channel marketing, our (no-cost) Strategic Blogging Course, and our upcoming Social Media Master Class. We are widely quoted and speak across North America.

Behind-the-scenes technology:  Though our site was built using the WordPress Social Content Management System, the unique layout and design makes it stand out from other sites built on this platform. And if hackers tried to pry their way in, they would also discover that we’ve significantly hardened the technology on the inside. Finally, notice how quickly the site loads? We’ve taken what we’ve learned building 10K+ page sites and applied that knowledge to our own.

Our Work:  Many of our clients aren’t aware of the scope of our capability:  Here’s the short list: strategy, technology, and design. Think Websites, Social Media, CRM, and Mobile. The new site profiles many examples of our work.

We developed the site as a “reference” site: Look at yours, and consider how your site might also incorporate these attributes.