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A Real Connection

Think about what you do everyday: if you are in the majority, there is some period of time when you are “doing” social media. You may be checking your Facebook Wall to see what is up with your friends. You may contribute to a conversation in a LinkedIn group. Or you may be clicking through links from people you follow on Twitter.

Note that of these activities (and others like it) nowhere do we see activities such as stalking your favorite accountant’s LinkedIn profile, Liking your vet’s Facebook Page, or clicking on advertisements. Nor do we see millions of users “engaging” with corporate videos (Superbowl ads excepted), or signing up to receive Tweets from their local car-rental agency. Individuals engage in their own selfish self-interests. Organizations who forget this simple truth are fooling themselves or wasting their time.

This week’s action plan: As an individual, verify this yourself: which corporate social media sites do you regularly spend time on? You probably don’t.  If you are in charge of your organization’s social media activities, think twice about investing unless you are completely aligned with your target audience’s interests and aspirations.  If your initiative is focused on “you” instead of your clients or prospects, there will be no engagement.  You want more connections, but real connection is far more valuable.

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This post has been written by 108’s Senior advisor and former CEO Randall Craig.