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Reflections from a Design Intern at 108 ideaspace

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The morning of the first day at 108 ideaspace, my stomach turned with nerves – just like any other young designer’s would. Will they like me? Will they like my design? Will I fit into the office environment? Many graduating graphic design students worry about being able to properly produce the work that their professional environment requires. I was no different.

After being welcomed here, and being sufficiently intimidated by their work and expertise, I received my first project. Luckily, it was an infographic, which happens to be a category of design that I quite enjoy working on. I settled in to try and prove that I deserved to be here.

Ten weeks later, I am sad to leave. The work I did here proved to be very beneficial to my progress as a graphic designer, opening up my skills to the world of web, marketing and the inner-workings of a successful professional environment. Perhaps more importantly, the people at 108 ideaspace have been totally accepting and welcoming of me and my design–I became a part of the team.

My experience was nothing but positive, and ultimately helped me to land a new permanent job immediately after graduation. I have built relationships here that I will take with me into my new career. I only hope that I have given back to 108, all they have given me.

Heather Stokes

*We are always looking for great interns like Heather. If you are a graphic design student looking for a place to gain more work experience, we welcome you to apply for an internship at 108 ideaspace. Send your resume and hours/days of availability to our Creative Director, Despina Zanganas at Ashish@108ideaspace.com.