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Social Media Tick Box

“We’ve got that covered” is a very satisfying thing to say when you are asked what your organization is doing in the area of Social Media.

Sadly, our research, covering 400 different organizations across the country, shows this isn’t true. This year’s research on the same topic also appears to indicate a yawning gap. The question is why?

Too often, there isn’t an adequate distinction between Social Media strategy, and the daily Social Media to-do list. Hiring a young social-media-bopper who is ‘plugged in’ will take care of the day-to-day, but does this person have the experience and acumen to set strategy? Or develop Social Media risk mitigation policies?  Usually not.

This week’s action item: Do you really think your organization is covered? Test yourself: Here is my list of 47 tough Social Media questions to ask. Set up a meeting with your Social Media person, and see how they answer.

Bonus action item:  At the individual level, the same question applies: have you been so focused on the doing, that you haven’t properly (or recently) set your strategy?

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This post has been written by 108’s Senior advisor and former CEO Randall Craig.