Cyber Security

Safeguarding Your Digital Content

Every organization owns intellectual property: in fact, this recorded knowledge is often key evidence of expertise, capability, and fit. So if it is that valuable, how do you protect it from being stolen?

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Blogging Graphic

A Synergistic Blogging Strategy

Many people are interested in blogging, particularly if they have special expertise. Yet, the precise subject of the blog usually eludes them. Choose the wrong subject, and you’re stuck with it, and because of Google, it sticks to you… forever.

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108 ideaspace - customer service online

Writing for Results: 3 Blog Archetypes

Have you noticed that each magazine, newspaper, and TV news show has its own style? They do so because style builds brand equity with their target audience. But look underneath the glitz of style, these pros have structured each story almost exactly the same. They understand the power of the archetype.

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Our Thinking

Social Networking Integration

Have you ever considered how some words (and technologies) are so important, yet in the fullness of time completely disappear? Buggy whips, Barrel makers (“coopers”), and Telex machines are but a few examples. Not fifteen years ago, the term “ebusiness” was popular, until people figured out that there was no such thing as ebusiness – just “business”.

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Social Media

When Users Defect

Have you labored over your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for years, only to suddenly find a huge drop in your traffic? As managers begin to probe the Return on Social Media Investment, an unexpected reversal is frustrating – and can […]

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17 Ways to Great Social Engagement

Have you ever been disappointed with the engagement level of your blog? Have you decided that this year something “better happen”, to make it all worthwhile? If so, you’re not alone.

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