Cyber Security

Branding and Web Security

What determines the confidence in your brand?  Yes, the visual identity and what people see.  And yes, the experience and interaction people have, both online

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Two Challenges Marketers Face

Today, digital has eclipsed the traditional marketing channels. Traditional marketing practices still take place, however, the growth of technology (the internet, websites and social networks)

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Social Media

When NOT to Post: Social Media TMI

If you have spent any time on Facebook (and now, sadly, LinkedIn), you may have been the victim of over-sharing. You are subjected to pointless, and often narcissistic postings, often from people and organizations that should know better.

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Web design/development

Red Heels and Branding … Find the Right Fit

I can’t believe I won! That’s right, last week I won a pair of red, patent Christian Louboutin heels (so stunning). I tried them on and soon discovered that these were the most painful shoes I had ever tried on – in my life.

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