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[Top 10 List] Content Marketing Planning

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How is your content planning for the year coming along?  Or, perhaps the plan is in place, but you are now looking at a blank page, with an old-fashioned case of writer’s block.

Fear not, as we have collected the top ten posts on content creation and inbound marketing.

Blog Content Creation: Idea seeding:  How to create a tree of content, starting with a ‘seed’ of an idea.

Blogging at the Intersection of Relevance:  How to use different types of external hooks to anchor content at a higher level of relevance.

16 Blog Topic Ideas: A surefire way to come up with new ideas.  Hint: this post is very similar to #10.

Three Blog Archetypes: Writing for Results:  Is all of your content a bit… alike?  Improve engagement and capture your audience’s attention by using three different post formats.

Blog Post Magic Bullet:  More on structure, and how to use the concept of the “twist” to improve recall and relevance.

Blog Cluster Strategy:  Learn how to drive readership between related content posts.

24 Branded Content Ideas: Learn about the variety of ways to deliver branded content.

White Papers and Inbound Marketing The range of channels for inbound marketing is exceptionally wide.  This article describes six approaches, and provides examples of each.

Eight Video Strategies:  Content isn’t just the written word – many people prefer to watch or listen.  This article describes eight different ways video can be used.

CASL: Six Name Recapture Strategies:  Content marketing is not just a Social Media activity – email remains a powerful connection channel. Sadly, new anti-spam legislation means that many names have fallen off marketers lists.  This article describes how to recapture them.

This week’s action plan:  Yes, read the articles that are most relevant to you.  But also pay it forward, by sending a copy of the Tipsheet to anyone else that you think might benefit.