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Website refresh needed – or not?

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Over the last two decades, there have been significant changes in how web marketing plays into an organization’s overall strategy, and how it plays out to key audiences.

There have also been significant changes in how websites are developed.  We thought it might be interesting to replay three key articles that provide a unique insight into this area.

1) Ten Tests:  Will your website last the year?  Sometimes you don’t need a new website at all, but just a bit of “renovation”.  The ideas within this post can be used as objective criteria – a double-check – to really see if you need a new site this coming year… Or if the current one can be made to last.

2) Avoiding costly web development corner-cutting: key reasons developers cut corners: Part I and Part II.  This post explores what motivates web developers behind-the-scenes – and how you can get the best value for your web development dollar.

3) Marketing Insight: From Landing Pages to Microsites:  A full website is not the only way to skin the cat – there are other ways to add web content that might be more appropriate.  This post describes the pros and cons of each option.