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AMS Fest 2023 Insights: Three questions to start the AMS journey

AMS Fest 2023 Insights: three questions to get started on AMS journey

Associations are at the forefront of fostering community, advancing causes, and driving industry progress. Yet, many association executives find themselves grappling with outdated and inefficient systems, hindering their ability to reach their full potential. An Association Management System (AMS) seems like the right answer which can lead to success and align with the unique needs. However, with 50+ AMS solutions in the market, the right question is, “Which one should we choose? if only there was a way to compile the capabilities of them all” (Spoiler alert- There is! Ask us).

As an active participant and sponsor in the AMS Fest, we have had the privilege of engaging with numerous industry leaders over the past few years. ICYMI this year, during our conversations, we discovered three questions that stood out as simple, yet critically important. These questions reflect the common challenges faced by association executives on their journey to finding the right AMS. In this concise read, we aim to provide answers that empower associations to overcome their pain points and strive for a future of streamlined success.

Question 1: How to Prepare for the Transition and Convince Your Board?

To embark on a successful AMS transition, a well-defined roadmap is essential. Begin by internally assessing your association’s current state, including pain points across departments like Finance, Membership, Marketing, and IT. Documenting detailed requirements and envisioning an ideal future state is crucial to ensure that the chosen AMS meets evolving needs. These exercises provide a solid foundation for presenting your case to the board, outlining priorities, timelines, and budgetary considerations.


Question 2: What Is the Most Important Factor to Consider in an AMS?

With 50+ AMS platforms out there, each offering unique advantages, it can be overwhelming to know which functionalities to prioritize. In our recent webinar, “AMS Selection Simplified: 10 Criteria for Finding the Perfect Match,” we emphasized the 10 non-negotiable, tested and proven criteria like reporting, user experience and cost that associations MUST consider while choosing an AMS. However, the flexibility of the platform is perhaps the most crucial function that must be a priority while selecting an AMS.

  • Can the prospective AMS accommodate my association’s future growth?

  • Does it provide the freedom to customize and extend functionalities as needed? 

  • Does the platform allow me to add on new functionalities as the needs of my association change, or am I reliant on the vendor to decide?

Question 3: How to Get Started with Your AMS Selection?

Getting started on the right foot requires asking the right questions. Ensure alignment between your association’s goals and those of the AMS provider. Investing in a comprehensive discovery audit proves invaluable, saving countless hours and helping define your association’s future state. Through this audit, you gain a deep understanding of the nuances that shape success in the digital age. It empowers you to avoid costly mistakes and paves the way for implementing the ideal AMS that boosts member satisfaction and streamlines staff efforts.

Association executives face unique challenges that demand a modern AMS solution tailored to their needs. By taking proactive steps, including thorough internal assessments, prioritizing flexibility, and investing in a discovery audit, you position your association for success. Embrace the transformative power of a forward-thinking AMS that enhances efficiency, fosters growth, and drives member satisfaction.

Are you ready to start your journey to find an AMS that will fit your association? Watch our webinar, “AMS Selection Simplified: 10 criteria to finding the perfect match” and gain the knowledge to make an informed decision and revolutionize your association management. Or simply talk to us (no obligations)! We are eager to work with you to build your requirements and find an AMS solution that fits your association’s unique needs now and in the future